Landscape Trailers

Green Industry Workhorse

You’re in a tough profession. It takes business savvy, determination, and a lot of hard work to succeed. Wells Cargo can help you out in the hard work department with one of our landscape trailers. From transporting all your tools of the trade to projecting a professional image, the Wells Cargo LS Series landscape trailers have the “right stuff” to get the job done. With Wells Cargo’s large assortment of job-proven options, it’s sometimes hard to know just where to start. We’ve taken out the guesswork by combining some of our most popular options of our landscape trailers into packages for you to choose from. We’re used to the punishment a work crew can dish out and we don’t mind getting a little dirt under our treads. For that reason, all LS Series landscape trailers are built with plenty of muscle and backbone to spare. Think of the Wells Cargo LS Series enclosed landscape trailers as an investment in durable goods.

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