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Best Of Class

The Wells Cargo autoWagon is universally recognized by car collectors and racers alike as the “Best of Class” in enclosed auto trailers. We’ve earned that reputation with premium materials and superior craftsmanship. While others look to skimp and cut corners, we constantly search for innovative ways to improve performance and enhance durability. No one offers more standard equipment. No one offers more safety features. And, no one offers more value at resale time. With a wide selection of sizes ranging from 18′ to 32′, there’s an autoWagon model just right for your trailering needs. Tap into our long list of customizing options to create your own “Best of Class”.

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AutoSport V-Front

Versatility To The Max!
The Wells Cargo autoSport with its stylish and streamlined V-Front profile is getting high marks from those whose passion includes more than one set of wheels. Clearly it’s great for hauling cars; the standard ramp door, cornerpost stabilizer jacks, and “no-show” beavertail tell you that. However, by adding the optional front ramp door, you open up a whole new level of versatility with drive-off unloading for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, sandrails . . . whatever powersport vehicle of choice may be. The autoSport is truly a multi-tasking hauling machine. So, if you’re looking for maximum utility, maximum performance, and maximum durability — the autoSport is for you!
autowagon vfront image

AutoWagon Gooseneck

Front Runner
Welcome to the big time. If large capacity and rugged durability are on your “must have” list, step up to the next level with a Wells Cargo autoWagon Gooseneck. The autoWagon Gooseneck is no casual weekender; it’s a heavy-duty workhorse for the serious professional. Designed to rack up the miles with maximum performance and minimal maintenance, leading the pack just seems natural. The autoWagon Gooseneck is available in two different styles: the standard gooseneck and the new tapered nose gooseneck which provides excellent maneuverability and maximum turning radius with short bed trucks.

autowagon gooseneck image


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